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Program Outline

This program is designed to serve newcomers and their families in their settlement needs including developing and realizing their ambitions for successful settlement in Charlotte County.

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Eligible Clients

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Permanent Residents (PR), Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP), Provincial Nominees (PNP), Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW), Government Assisted Refugees and as well as live-in caregivers.

Canadian Citizens and/or newcomers who continue to experience significant linguistic and cultural barriers and who have lived in Canada for more than three years are also encouraged to apply.

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Newcomers can access our services through an appointment with a Settlement Team in any convenient way by calling 506-396-2262 or 506-754-5160 or emailing to or Administration 506-755-9295

A pre-intake assessment will be conducted to facilitate suitable referrals and determine which services are appropriate for a client's needs.

It is important that all family members attend the initial intake and assessment appointment.

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Support and Information Services

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Newcomer individuals and families will:

  • Receive a comprehensive intake and needs assessment to help set settlement goals.

  • Gain knowledge and skills, so they can better manage everyday life in our community.

  • Be connected with community and government resources.

  • Receive materials, guides, and resources so they can research and access other community services.

  • Receive ongoing support and guidance during their settlement process, to achieve their settlement goals.

  • Receive support and encouragement to build self-sufficiency and economic independence.

  • Provides supportive counseling services to assist newcomers including their families to facilitate smooth integration into Canadian social, economic, cultural and environmental norms.

  • Connect to language classes.

  • Be encouraged to participate in civic engagement and volunteering.

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Information and Orientation Sessions

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The program is structured in such a way as to introduce newcomers to the community and familiarize them with their rights, responsibilities, and basic skills on day-to-day living in the process of integrating into communities.

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Housing

  • Health care

  • Studying and working in Canada

  • Legal matters

  • Assistance with trade/professional certification and credential recognition processes

  • Community resources

  • Transportation

  • Cultural and religious institutions

  • Parenting

  • Child care and out of school programs

  • Roles and responsibilities of Canadian residents

  • Canadian laws and justice system

  • Becoming a Canadian citizen

  • The Canadian taxation system

  • Banking

  • Finances

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Assist newcomers in accessing community resources and services, such as:

  • Banking

  • Health care

  • Locating a home

  • Government services

  • Family benefits

  • Cultural, educational, and recreational programs

In-House Referrals

To our English language instruction services enable newcomers to be assessed for English language fluency and for English language instruction. Referrals can also be made to our Community Inclusivity Program and to Provision to take advantage of Community Employment Programming through partner agencies.


Other services under this program include: interpretation and translation services, youth-based settlement support, enrollment, and participation in the Community Connections Volunteer program.

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