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Hours of operation: 
Monday - Friday 
8:30am - 4:30pm

Community Connections for Newcomers

Cross Cultural Training

Aimed at businesses, community groups, and schools, cross-cultural training provides a deeper understanding of how different cultures interact; with a specific focus on issues newcomers face when they first get here, and employers, community groups and neighbors can help them. The goal is to help newcomers understand some of the issues around cultural shock, while also helping local people understand some of the difficulties newcomers face in settling into Charlotte County, and how they may be of help to them. 

Targeted Matching Program

The Targeted Matching Program introduces newcomers to a local community volunteer, who is well established in the community. It is designed to create opportunities for broader integration of new immigrants, helping them adjust to living in Charlotte County and making connections. The program helps newcomers learn about local culture and customs, and develop better language skills.

Volunteering with the CCMA

CCMA relies heavily on its volunteers for fulfilling its mandate of successfully settling newcomers into Charlotte County. Volunteers help with many aspects of the organization, from volunteering on an ad-hoc basis to help at CCMA events, to committing to a more long-term involvement of working with individual newcomers on a one to one basis. Additionally, volunteers also help out at the CCMA office as needed.

Volunteers wishing to work one-on-one with newcomers, have to first apply to the CCMA to volunteer, undergo a screening process, required a clean Vulnerable Sector Police Check, and receive cross-cultural training. Volunteers are then matched as appropriate to a newcomer.

Please contact to learn more about volunteering with the CCMA.

"We are all Charlotte County" Video Series


The CCMA announces the launch of its "We are all Charlotte County" video series, funded by the Multiculturism Grants Program of the Province of New Brunswick.

This video series brings together the local residents, including those who have recently arrived, showcasing similarities in thoughts and ideals that hold us together as a county.


Video 1 - Beginnings and Inspirations


Video 2 - Beginnings and Favourites

Video 3 - Beginnings and Community Support


Video 4 - Contrasts and Events

Video 5 - Memories and Advice

Video 6 - Isolation and Staying 

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