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ATTENTION:  To all our clients and anyone who may need our services


Due to the recent announcement of State of Emergency Declared in NB, we want to let you, our clients know that we are still available to service you, just not in-person. We are available by phone, text, skype and by email. Please feel free to contact us if there is something you may need help with. Also note, that we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours, although it may be a little longer over the weekend.

Check with Facebook for updates and updated information.




Karen Hutchinson – Project Coordinator

Email: info@ccmanb.com

Skype ID:  info@ccmanb.com or info_948607

Joan Majchrowski – Executive Director

Email: joan@ccmanb.com


Skype ID:  joan@ccmanb.com or Joan Majchrowski


David Olara – Manager of Settlement Services

Email: david@ccmanb.com


Skype ID: david@ccmanb.com


Suren Yoga Nathan – Community Engagement Manager 

Email: suren@ccmanb.com


Skype ID:  suren@ccmanb.com  or Suren Yoga Nathan  


Steven Noble – Language Instructor

Email: steven@ccmanb.com


Skype ID:  roarker2