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Inclusion Project

Charlotte County Culturally Connects

Social inclusion is important for a person's dignity, security and opportunity to lead a better life. It has been proven over and over again how important it is to support individuals to feel connected and valued within society and address any form of social exclusion people are experiencing every day. 

This year we have been funded by Kia in Motion in association with Fundy Community Foundations to develop a database of all of the organizations, associations, clubs, and groups where people may be able to become a part of the community.

Why us?

A large barrier for newcomers being included in their communities is because they don't know any place where they can:

Get involved, Practice English, Volunteer

Not knowing about places where they can be included, is one of the biggest reasons that newcomers will move into another area.

Our focus is to help all people in the community to be aware of all volunteer and recreation activities, and with your help, this will be achieved!


Help you develop new skills and interests, and provide support and encouragement


Provide a sense of community and belonging


It's a great way to get involved in the community!

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Give you a key to balanced human development and builds strong families and healthy communities.


Strengthens your community; Helps create networking


You get a chance to give back!

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Take a look
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Get in Touch

Main Office

19 Main St., Unit 1,

St. George NB, E5C 3H9

Community Office

32 Victoria St.,

St. Stephen NB, E3L 2R6


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Do you know of any clubs, organizations, or activities that people new to community can join, and what are their objectives? 

Thanks for submitting!

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