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Executive Director

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David Olara

Manager of Settlement Services

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Suren Yoganathan

Community Engagement Manager

Suren comes to the organization with a strong research and strategy background in diversity, inclusion, and race relations specifically as it pertains to immigration and multi-faith.  Having worked on different programs and projects funded by IRCC and Heritage Canada, Suren has travelled across Canada leading consultations and seminars on diversity, competing rights, and issues relating to identity and belonging.  Suren’s credentials include several national public service campaigns to promote diversity, work with documentary film makers to show different forms of inclusion, and the creation of a multi-year national faith leaders forum to study the acceptance of multi-faith in our country.

Suren’s role at the CCMA is to work with the communities of Charlotte County, to examine the needs of the individual towns and villages and together with local partner organizations, create ways to help newcomers to the area find a true level of acceptance and a deep sense of belonging.

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Steven Noble Ph.D

Language Instructor


Steven, a British Columbia native, has been teaching for over 30 years for a number of universities and colleges across Canada. He has been teaching English as a Second Language for the Multicultural Association of Charlotte County for the past year; prior to this, Steven was an ESL professor at the University of Ottawa's famed Second Language Institute bridging and preparing international ESL students from around the world into mainstream university programs for many years. Steven's approach to teaching English is portfolio-oriented/task-based relying on the Canadian national CLB standards for teaching English. The other teaching with which Steven has been deeply involved is arts-based, social justice education and teacher education with a focus on marginalized communities (poverty, First Nations, sexual minorities, senior citizens, communities of people with disabilities, addicts, and so on). In addition to teaching, Steven remains an active sociologist researching various issues affecting marginalized communities in southwestern New Brunswick.

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Joan Majchrowski.

Assistant Director and Language Manager


Joan has been teaching English for over 15 years both overseas and in Canada.  Joan first started teaching in Japan where education turned into a lifelong passion.  After teaching in Japan for 5 years, she returned to Canada where she became involved in tutoring students for test preparation (IELTS) and ESL teaching.  She was promoted to Director of Studies for the summer program and following that she was asked to start a new school in Vancouver and, as Director of the school, was involved in every aspect of building and implementing the curriculum.  Now employed at the Multicultural Association, Joan is excited to be involved in teaching English newcomers in Charlotte County.  Joan employs the portfolio-oriented, task-based classes which are modelled after the Canadian Language Benchmarks for teaching English.

Office: 506-755-9295


Karen Hutchinson

Project Coordinator

Karen works with Multicultural Association of Charlotte County as the Project Coordinator supporting all members of the team. She maintains a happy and organized work environment and has the skills, knowledge and abilities to support the executive director and fellow colleagues as they perform their duties, keeping everyone organized and prepared.

Karen is an active community volunteer working with a variety of groups such as the Scouts Canada Movement.  Joining the Scouts movement in 1997, she was part of this organization for almost 20 yrs participating as a youth leader, treasurer, group committee member as well as helping with fundraising over this time period. Seeing the youth’s growth, and seeing them through their experiences was very rewarding for her.

Karen is also very physically active enjoying kayaking, photography and walks and is proud to have achieved a certified 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Karen attended Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture and holds a Diploma in Animal Science Technician from Nova Scotia Agricultural College.